God’s Ambassador

The boy and girl were grown up and had their schooling and college together at the local institutions.Both were bright and both had  a common competitive spirit to share.

They excelled at studies and were able to get into prestigious technical colleges in the city.

Both their parents were happy and they were moved to their respective hostels in the city.

Meantime their friendship flourished and they carried their ambitions of a career forward with regular conversations.it was a mutually rewarding experience for them in each others company and also to belong to the same location back home.


But when they graduated and the girl was set up for marriage it dawned on their family that the two had resolved much earlier on their own terms to walk in life together as man and wife.They were obviously grown up by now and developed their individuality in consonance with the general trend prevailing.

But here is a block that is not visble but in social circles saw this arrangement in contravention of the procedure — marrying outside the caste.

What so far was a happy association during their formative years became all of a sudden a taboo to contemplate in matter of marriage.Both the families were against the arrangement and reprimanded their wards to withdraw from their resolve.

Legally it is impossible to stop the marriage because they were of marriageable age and were of mutual consent on this matter.But  there is an unwritten law in the panchayat to go against the law laid down.

The parents were not warring but the war is between the parents and their wards with no one of sound sense to intervene.

Panchayat head is the numero uno in the area and his writ is binding.The girls parents seriously contemplated finishing their daughter off than face the ignominy of crossing the barriers of caste.

Even God cannot save the girl.The boy was threatened  into staying within the confines of the home.


Enters the  Priest at the local temple, revered for his sagacity and knowledge of the scriptures and not timid to take a -stand goes on to convince the parents of the girl to desist from heinous act and the spiritual repercussions of such an act explained and well absorbed by the parents who decide to cool their conscience in  course of time .Gods ambassadors are always around.

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