Business in Delhi

There is our friend who had a first hand experience in the wheeling and dealings of the worldof business in garments who happened to visit the wholesalers of Delhi. Mumbai trader is no novice and well equipped with the knowledge and the machanics of trade pricing etc.


Being in the busines for over decade he would be very cautious of the quality that he wants to carry home.Delhi is a winter hub and has the hues and shades refkected in clothing in Delhi and the adjoining states.People in Mumbai like those colours of Jaipur and pine to wear that clothing in the winter months.

Against this specific requiremenrs of the clientele here ou friend spent a week visiting the textile and garment manufacturers and traders.

All went well and the payment done prompty ans samples in tow he returned to Mumbai to awit the arrival of the shipments in his godown.

There was a delay initially attributed to the inclement weather but when it stretched to a month and more our friend sensed something amiss.

There was prompt response for his queries initially and the mix up in cargo which resulted in his material being diverted inadvertently to another customer and at another destination.The supplier was profuse in his excuses and confirmed his efforts to load the cargo and deliver in a fortnight.Our friend was worried of just one aspect.Not the timely receipt of cargo nor the exact qantities that he paid for but the quality.He had the samples to cross check the quality and therefore rest assured.

He was spot on im his intuition.The cargo arrived but nothing conforming to his requirement, not matching with the samples and not  that quantity and a substandard quality.The suplier has deviated from the order on all aspects.

The matter was resolved in the court to my friend’s advantage ith penalty levied and the judgement has thrown light on these illegal activities of traders in Delhi

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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