Wedding and Cricket

There are few things you can’t miss for example India vs. Pakistan. That is a contest which can’t be missed. But with the busy schedule you tend to lose out on such matches as well.

Well there was this match which I could have missed if not for my brains. 😛 India vs Pakistan Semi-finals World cup. My cousin was getting married. The whole family was going and I was supposed to go as well. I wish I was the girl in #kannakeepitcalm Ad. But I didn’t have a smartphone. So on that day of marriage I started complaining about stomach ache and by afternoon I pretended unbearable pain which made my parents leave me back home and go to the Wedding.

Technically I was supposed to home alone and watch the match but got all my friends to my place and started watching the match. You won’t believe my dad came back home to check on me and caught me with all of my friends enjoying that game. I was so scared but that’s when my dad’s cricket love saved J He actually sat and watched the whole first half of the match and then went to the wedding. Well yes I can go that crazy not to miss a match!!

But now thanks to, I can watch the cricket on my mobile. Be it a wedding or my college. Thank you.

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